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Originally Posted by Sideways View Post
But for a squishy or grinding-happy class, coffee-break can be harder because that death zone around CL 30-35 hits you extra-hard; you need to either take the fights you'd otherwise postpone or keep heading down into even deadlier levels, and if you can't take the monsters down you miss out on the loot and XP.
That's probably one explanation (of several) why I struggle more with spellcaster types than other risks. I've tried plenty of Mages and almost never get them past that level, while I've taken a decent number of melee-focused characters to CL 40-50 (Warrior, Rogue, Paladin, and melee-centric Priest builds). If I do give Normal speed a try, time to see if I can make it further with a Mage than I have in Coffee-Break with the benefit of some scumming.
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