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Originally Posted by archolewa View Post
The biggest problem with playing without wilderness is that you only have one of each type of shop. So if that shop doesn't have more healing potions, or is missing Monster Detection scrolls before you've gotten confusion resistance (screw you Variant Maintainer!) then you might be in trouble.
Oh man I know what you mean. I usually won't descend past the DL5 Warg quest without a stack of curing potions or cure confusion mushrooms, because guaranteed the time you don't the next level will be the Variant Maintainer. I've had a lot of frustrating ends to him.

Generally speaking I have a lot of frustration with shops since I only have access to one town. Simple staples like potions of sight, potions of curing, potions of resist heat, scrolls of phase door. Often I bring a few scrolls of treasure detection and a shovel (if they are in stock!) just so I can mine some gold and and pay for a critical shop to turn over inventory (like I'm desperate for the 2nd Life magic book for example and they aren't in stock). Talk about tedious...
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