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Originally Posted by GrimaTheBold View Post
Oh man I know what you mean. I usually won't descend past the DL5 Warg quest without a stack of curing potions or cure confusion mushrooms, because guaranteed the time you don't the next level will be the Variant Maintainer.
Half the time that doesn't even work, because that dickwad is 2.0x speed and his melee attacks confuse you, so you're all but guaranteed to be confused the next round anyway. So you end up burning through all your cure confusion stuff while he gets free turn after free turn to spawn software bugs and whale on you. I find the only way to beat him consistently is to either get Resist Confusion early (typically Merry's Cloak), or detect him early enough that you can quaff speed, lure him into a room and shoot 'n scoot. Ideally with a Rod of Pesticide or some other area effect for keeping the software bugs under control.

I was once able to beat him while confusion-locked as a polearm master. Was surrounded by him and his software bugs, but I had my Spread Attack style attack active, so regardless of what direction I moved I had a pretty good chance of hitting him at least once each round. Just chugged Cure Serious Wounds and stumbled around drunkenly swinging my polearm until he died.

He would be *SO* less aggravating if Potions of Clarity granted you temporary resistance to confusion, like Potions of Antidote do with poison.
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