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Originally Posted by Kodiologist View Post
Is there a limit to how heavily a monster could get buffed in terms of mpower or max HP? If so, it could make sense to calculate a maximum on that basis, since the idea is to show the player the worst case. No doubt some players would notice that the maxima are rarely achieved in practice, fail to take them seriously, and then eventually actually get hit for that much or close to that much, but them's the breaks.
In terms of random max HP that would make sense; though practically all major breathers, even the non-unique ones, have fixed max HP in any case.

Mpower, though, can go absurdly high. It's limited only by being a signed 16-bit integer, which means the highest value it can take is 3276.7%. That would mean multiplying many of the maxima (everything not otherwise capped) by 32.767 for display...
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