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RNG giveth and RNG taketh away

This is what you could call a morality tale.

I started with the comp savefile but I got tired of all my Leisa's dying so quickly, so I copied about 20 savefiles and killed Maggot then picked the best drop to continue with. (Note: Have no fear I was not planning to enter this character in the comp) It happened to be a nicely enchanted longbow and I started slaughtering my way through the dungeon. On my first trip back to town there was a main gauche of *slay* animal (+2) so I sold almost everything I had and purchased that, now I am a killing machine from a far and up close. I got down to around 900' and got a superb feeling "ooh, what could this be?" Almost immediately I picked up a strength ring (+2), nice but certainly not superb, so I continue on and found an amulet of Trickery (+1)!!! Certainly superb enough for me. Shortly thereafter I got smacked in the face by a sasquatch, bye bye
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