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Originally Posted by Parcae View Post
Angband classes:
Pure fighter
Pure mage
Pure priest
Fighter with backup mage spells (rogue)
Archer with backup mage spells (ranger)
Fighter with backup priest spells (paladin)

The only thing missing is a pure archer, and archery is so powerful in Angband that including anything even better at archery than a ranger would be imbalanced.
I realize that, I was just commenting on it being odd in general.

On the whole, Angband classes are the most balanced of any roguelike I've played.
I second that. as much as I love Nethack, it just doesn't feel right to beat down every single enemy I encounter for a chunk of the early game with a dagger.

High Elves and Dunadain aren't supposed to play rogues for roleplay reasons - they're supposed to be noble. Ignore this or not as you choose.
is it considered scumming to go against the roleplay restriction, or is it purely a roleplay aspect of the game?

Rogue character creation (I'm assuming you want to go with a high elf):

The key is working out how to get three blows with a dagger. Look up the spoiler files to see how it works. Basically, you want DEX of 18/50 and STR of 18/10. The other important stats are CON and INT - try not to wind up with fewer than 18 in each. This should all be possible using the option "specify minimum stats" with the autoroller.
according to a spoiler I read, only a High Elf Rogue can hit 3 times, but it might be an old spoiler.
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