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Originally Posted by Mongler View Post
I second that. as much as I love Nethack, it just doesn't feel right to beat down every single enemy I encounter for a chunk of the early game with a dagger.
The main reason why I no longer play Nethack is that every class plays the same. A mage and a samurai have exactly the same end-game approach to most enemies. The difference is probably MORE marked in the early game, prior to the acquisition of dragon scale male armor (which allows any class to have great AC with no spellcasting penalty). Angband, on the other hand, contains massive built-in penalties to a mage's ability to hit, a paladin's ability to use a bow, etc; so the classes are balanced in the sense that each plays differently. They also, however, are balanced in a second sense: any class is viable for a beginner, even though some are harder than others. A player who starts Nethack with a tourist has a shock coming That's why you aren't receiving torrents of advice to start a ranger, even though they are considered somewhat easier than rogues.

is it considered scumming to go against the roleplay restriction, or is it purely a roleplay aspect of the game?
YMMV. My own position is, if it's in the game and it's not a bug, do as you wish.

according to a spoiler I read, only a High Elf Rogue can hit 3 times, but it might be an old spoiler.
The spoiler already linked is great. I think a dunadan can also hit 3 times (could be wrong there), but High Elves have the very useful See Invisible, as well as light resistance. The races are much less balanced in Angband then the classes - you'll quickly find that Dunadain and High Elves tend to be better at almost everything. The experience penalty is largely meaningless, because you'll hit Level 50 eventually anyway, and a high-level character gets less experience for the same kills.
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