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Originally Posted by Parcae View Post
The main reason why I no longer play Nethack is that every class plays the same. A mage and a samurai have exactly the same end-game approach to most enemies.
we're all entitled to our opinions, but to be fair, I think that's a bit too broad of a generalization. Wizards will almost always have more PW to cast spells with, and typically better at spellcasting, even in endgame, plus a Samurai can get a Yumi and some Ya for some very powerful archery, whereas Wizards aren't that great at archery. also, Gauntlets of Power interfere with the Wizard's spells.

They also, however, are balanced in a second sense: any class is viable for a beginner, even though some are harder than others. A player who starts Nethack with a tourist has a shock coming
somewhat true. one thing about Angband is pretty misleading for newer players, though: when I started out, I had no idea about getting multiple hits with lighter weapons when I started off.

YMMV. My own position is, if it's in the game and it's not a bug, do as you wish.
right, but Angband actually has a cheat menu, so it seems possible to accidentally cheat.

The spoiler already linked is great. I think a dunadan can also hit 3 times (could be wrong there), but High Elves have the very useful See Invisible, as well as light resistance. The races are much less balanced in Angband then the classes - you'll quickly find that Dunadain and High Elves tend to be better at almost everything. The experience penalty is largely meaningless, because you'll hit Level 50 eventually anyway, and a high-level character gets less experience for the same kills.
I've noticed that Dunadans and High Elves seemed better despite the more exp. required, but there are some pretty viable race/class combinations, like Human Warrior for blazingly fast level gains.
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