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Cool, I'm looking forward to trying out the new version! Thanks Chris! I have a minor bug report at the bottom of my post, after my musings/comments on this new version.

Originally Posted by chris View Post
[1] Confusing Lights has been toned down. Seriously, that was crazy before
Yes it was pretty insane. I hope it still has some real use in the late game. Heck, Chaos Warriors don't get their class power of it until 40, which feels (or at least, felt) terrible when they already had multiple copies of the staff by then. I'm interested to see how balancing the power level ranges for spawned devices continues.

[2] OK, it was a bit too easy to win with devices, so I made Rockets come slightly later and have higher casting costs. Tiamat got a new reward to celebrate this change.
As far as I could tell, devices were primarily the fallback option for combos with decent device skill for which melee was too risky. It was already a real pain in the ass grinding out enough -Rockets for the J. On the better side, I hope that this means that late-midgame isn't trivialized by some wands, which I imagine is the main thing you were going after (and I totally agree with), but I also fear this change will mostly just require even MORE tedium grinding for -Rockets for the big J on combos that can't stand toe to toe with it. We'll all have to see how it plays out, of course, but I think it may contribute to making some combos (like, say, your Scout winner, which IIRC you tried because...I was frustrated with my scout attempts) just take longer to win.

The issue of tedium/grinding versus gameplay is a serious issue in all *bands, and PosChengband especially, where the design is such that many attempts at balance work by making characters take more time to win and therefore introducing more opportunities for a misstep or bad situation (xp penalties instead of accepting easy vs strong races a la Sil; making rockets rarer to nerf devices; needing to find enough ammo on non-Create-Ammo shooter classes; needing to get one of a tiny list of Worthwile Endgame Weapons on various weapon-restricted classes)

[3] Grow Mold no longer spams Death molds.
Heh, well that was cute and still is a relevant ability. Probably a good change.
[4] Big change to Archery multipliers and ranges.
Wow that's a major change. No other comments until we see how it plays. It is worth noting that players have been strongly advising people who want to play shooter classes to only play Archer, as playing without Create Ammo involves a lot of tedium.

[5] The Birth Autoroller is now a bit more generous. You *can* do two 17s if you are greedy. Or 3 16s. Or 16, 16, 15, 15 even ...
Hmm interesting. I look forward to seeing how this plays. The Autoroller rejecting a new player's stats, and generally just being incredibly confusing to new players while also being one of the first things they have to deal with, has been a real problem when I've been introducing new players (and I've introduced probably on the order of 50-100 new players by now) to the game. Almost every one of them ends up asking, confused, for help at the autoroller screen, and I can only imagine a number of first timers close the game there before even getting to spawn. The autoroller changes have been going in a decent direction, though it's still pretty arcane I expect this will lead to fewer players accidentally accepting a random-stats-with-no-thresholds-because-the-roller-decided-screw-your-expectations.

[7] Jewelry drops from dungeon guardians, quest rewards and DROP_GREAT are no longer insulting in the early game. For example, one of my players got a Barbarian Talisman with -2 Int and nothing else! No more!!
YES! On four different Sorcerer attempts I got a Ring of Protection [+1] with no other powers out of the early townquests. I'm looking forward to this change!
[8] no_wilderness: Playing with this option means you forgo stat gains from dungeon guardians. To compensate, you will gain a chosen stat for each random quest completed (i.e. DL6, DL12, DL24 etc quests in Angband)
Ooh, I expect elliptic (the most prolific of the no_wilderness players) may like this. Should make NewLife prep less painful for no_wilderness, though you can't protect Angband quests for later like you can the normal dungeon guardians of wilderness mode.

As for the various class and balance changes, I look forward to trying them out!

I've also got a minor BUG REPORT that's not so exciting, but worth a mention: Getting a monster stuck in a burglary-realm (or other player-created) trap (pit trap?) in the Telmora Arena is not yet handled, so you can get stuck in there permanently once the monster disappears.

Thank you for the work and love on this game, chris! I'm getting excited to open it up again.

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