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Response has been good so far, and the feedback is helpful. I'm going to post an outline here to hopefully generate further discussion.
  1. Impaired Recovery
    1. Impaired HP recovery (1/2 speed)
    2. SP degen (1/2 the rate of normal SP recovery)
    3. IMP_HP and IMP_SP have no further effect
  2. Ways BGs gain SP
    1. Gain 5% of max SP for a full round of melee attacks
    2. Attacked for X% of max HP, gain X% of max SP
    3. !Restore Mana or other items
    4. Hurting self not allowed
  3. Casting and SP Degen heal HP
    1. Spending X% of SP heals X/2% of damage (max 25%; spending >50% of mSP in one spell is inefficient)
    2. SP degen is 2x more efficient at healing, but obviously slower
    3. SP gains above max SP are wasted
    4. Resting and Regeneration flag double SP degen *only if* the player is hurt
  4. Max SP taken to be at least 10 for SP gain and healing.
  5. Spell list (not going to itemize every spell here)
    1. New melee spells
      1. Leap, Whirl, Maim
      2. Every 5 levels one of these becomes available or increases 1 blow
      3. Number of blows does not increase with lighter weapons, higher strength, +blows gear, or other effects
    2. Short effect lengths
      1. Berserk Strength starts pretty short, but gets longer (8+1d8 to 55+1d55)
      2. Grim Purpose 12+d12, Taunt 10+d10, Venom 20+d20
      3. Bloodlust 10 (extendable)
    3. Only half-caster to have a shapechange (Werewolf Form)
  6. Skills (initial +bonus every level)
    1. Shoot skill down to 35 +1.5, worse than all except Mage and Necro
    2. Throw 40 +3, equal to Druid
    3. Hitdie 8 (Warrior 9, Rogue and Paly 6)
    4. -1 -0.1 stealth - never before seen in Vanilla (I think?)
    5. 60 LB armor limit for casting - 50% more than any other casting class
  7. Global changes
    1. =Open Wounds sometimes available in Magic Shop (546 AU)
    2. Berserk Strength (SHERO) applies only to melee, and stops natural HP recovery

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