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Originally Posted by DavidMedley View Post
Response has been good so far, and the feedback is helpful. I'm going to post an outline here to hopefully generate further discussion.

New melee spells
Leap, Whirl, Maim
Every 5 levels one of these becomes available or increases 1 blow
Number of blows does not increase with lighter weapons, higher strength, +blows gear, or other effects
Confused by a couple of things. Current weapon says it does 2.7 blows per round. It's an artifact dagger, lightweight. If I cast Whirl for example, it says it does 2 blows per foe. I'd then expect it to deal 5.4 blows per foe but that is contradicted by your last point. At some point there is a tradeoff where the weapon's solo # of blows is better or worse than the spell. I had been using the Whirl spell regularly when next to 2 or 3 monsters but will have to reconsider.

I also expected the Whirl spell to generate extra SP because you are hitting multiple foes, but it doesn't seem to work that way.

And at the moment the Maim spell only does 2 blows plus a stun. Not that useful yet.
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