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11: 3-x Run into a herd of blue yeeks, and immediately think “Boldur” Sure enough, there he is. He takes a bit of work to eliminate, but now CL14. Drops an axe and a cursed cap of intelligence that saps brainpower (wisdom) Bad randart, bad. (+5,+4) longbow on floor, nab, and drop shortbow. Again, just as it seems boring, trapdoor.

12: 6-4 Hello, lemures. And wolves. Joy. Immediately launch into run-and-gun battle that chews up three PD scrolls, six or so CLW and a CSW to boot. Once the dust settles, a det evil shows some sign as to why this is a “6”: quasits, an imp, bunch of homonculi, a score of tengu and a pseudodragon in a locker. Nearby. That’s my cue to wander the other direction. My plan is to loot as desired, but at first contact with anything remotely above my capacity to handle, “portal” out and run like a coward, to the nearest stairs down. Which means – find stairs. This seems a wise time to burn through one of five magic mapping scrolls, too. Shortly after finding stairs, I see a cave orc. Then a tengu blinks me into a room of the blighters. Two more PDs bite the dust, along with a bunch of CLWs, but the reward is landing five xp from the next level. I remain conscious I only have 12 SP, and that I want to keep eight on hand for “portal” in case things go bad. And that spell, I fear, has a 25 per cent failure. (gulp). Pondering the idea of a bail here, a det evil pulls up Grishnakt. Hmm. He’s not far from a stair down, either. I figure the risk-reward is ok, so go orc hunting. It proves a bad decision. I burn through too many healing potions in exchange for a boring low-end flail. Not happy. I only have two CCWs left, now.
13: 3-2: Not much notable here. Gain a CLW (that’s like gold, now), and locate a scimitar that is (+6,+4) but has a rune on it. Hey, I have 11 rune scrolls. Burn one. Is slay orc. My +8,+5 dagger does more base damage per round, though, and is only a point off the per-round damage of the scimitar, so I leave it. Logic on IDing stuff on ground: once I know the rune, it’s good for the game, so burning the ID rune now gives me info for later use. I do not want to be packing around rune scrolls at level 50.

14: 3-1: I am now sure @ is hooped. Maze level, but full of orcs and wolves, that in numbers, chew away at hit points. I PD while stunned, and blow eight SP trying to heal, so have to chug potions. Now down to one CLW. Phase, phase again. Mugged at all corners, wolves, orcs, baby multi-hued. Manage to stem the tide, but at great cost of consumables. Down to 21 PD scrolls and zilch for healing. Dark elf dies, drops ROP +7. Woo. AC is now 30. Way pincushiony. I’m thinking I need a ring of acid/flames, or dragon armour, or something helpful. Heck, even a staff of slow monsters.

15: 3-5. Hummn. Follow rod of treasure location around, hoping for curing potions, or ... well, anything. Tackle guardian naga, who drops bastard sword artifact. Has rElec, slay orcs. Burn an id scroll. Rune of light. Right then, something touches me, and my dex drops. Frig. Quaff a true seeing, mangle a moaning spirit, but not before it saps dex again. Wield sword. Plus 4 to dex, pFear. Treasure detection. Slay evil. Not bad. Still unknown runes on sword, so burn another scroll. Rlight. I’ll take that. Find ROP +11, ok, will swap out ring of rCold and rHeat, as armour gives rCold. Realize I’m still lugging amulet of rElec, so dump as sword gives that now. Later on, a det evil reveals Lagduf. I am loathe to engage, but damnit, at this point, I need drops from uniques in the worst way. Oh, look Brodda. I clean him up, (two phases and a CLW). Before I get to Lagduf, wolves and a snaga soften me up. I engage, but lose HP, so portal away. Land next to dark elf, who dies fast, and coughs up a staff of confuse monsters. In nearby room, wand of lightning bolts. Nooooooow we’re talking. I run into an axe that has some new runes, and decide to burn a scroll now for future knowledge. Huh? I still have un-ID’s rune so the bastard sword? OK. Wow. Slay demon too? OK, now axe... what the what? MORE runes on the sword? Hold life. Wowzers. Now the axe ...No. No. Still more runes on the sword? Rchaos too? Ok, now to axe - +1 attack speed. I track down Lagduf, and he goes quickly under new sword. Lagduf’s drops are, natch, weapons that would have been nice a level ago, but are now “meh.” Downward ho, better equipped but still with burning need for healing potions and suffering from diminished PD arsenal.

16: 3-1. Yeah, it’s a 3-1, but it gave five CLWs, then four CSWs right off the bat, so no arguments. Can now cast spell for hunger, so drop copious wad of Satisfy Hunger scrolls. Find staff of mapping, so ditch scrolls of same. Ponder dropping rod of treasure location, as sword does this too, but decide otherwise: sword likely won’t be around in 25 levels, so ..... I do realize a scroll of remove curse I’ve had forever is no longer meaningful (spell ability of equal power) so drop that.

17: “Omens of death haunt this place.” Joy. Mission now is simple: find a stair down, and take it, unless the “9” proves some way the heck outta depth unique in a vault. DE shows Ufthak, trolls, baby dragon, but nothing matching the 9. Mop up the trolls, dragon, druid. Had to use one charge out of the wand of LB, but meh. Treasure level 3? Yeah, stairs it is. OK. Maybe I will tackle Ufthak first. No, prudent to flee now, I figure – and two steps later, black orcs, with Ufthak in tow. Alright. A speed potion, one charge off a “slow monster” wand and a CSW take care of him, and his followers. I poke about cautiously, liberally using det evil, and eventually conclude that the only reason for the L9 is Boldor, who is off in a corner with a few yeeks and a baby red dragon. Can only presume there’s some non-evil thing ((hydra? Bears? Wolves? Hounds more likely) waiting to kill some moronic adventurer. Not going to risk it. I bail on the level.

18: 3-3: Waiting master yeek donates his soul to his/her god, and a CCW to me. Dumbass that I am, I only just realize I’ve been carting around three “boldness” potions while wielding a weapon that offers pFear. Duh. Nothing of interest here, though I do pick up some arrows and a staff of CLW. I had a mana restoration potion, but dropped it. Heck, only have 17 points, and I’m not relying on spells for much other than det evil and portal at this point.

19: 6-3: Buncha trolls are the welcome. One drops leather scale mail of resistance, which boosts my AC and covers the vacant pFire spot. Thing is, this is all in a big cavern with a bunch of black ogres at the other end. I play with them a bit, then portal away. It’s time to invoke the wail-and-bail, methinks, as a primary strategy. In new section, det evil shows a reasonable array of trolls, ogres, orcs. Or, in other words, relatively low-risk experience points. Let’s go hunt. During this exercise, I go back to that big cavern, mug a few nasties, then retreat into a hallway, before dumping a few charges out of the ol’ wand of lightning bolts. I figure it’s not going to be much use as the nasties get nastier, so use it now... A series of uninteresting conflicts follow, all of which do, in fact, add up to a lot of XP, and minimal loss of consumables other than the intentional depleting of wand of lightning bolts. Now CL 23.

20: 4-3 Welcoming committee is a sabretooth tiger. It dies. Gift nearby is a ring of flames. Finally, a decent ranged magic boom-boom. Nearby find a ring of free action. I’m at that level where frAct is kinda important. Is it worth 11 AC points lost by taking off a ROP? Find a cloak +6, which is just dandy since the last one was dropped gosh-knows-how-many-levels ago, rendered useless by some acid—spewing critter. I also have to make another critical decision on what stays and what does not. Find some iron balls, which I need, as arrows are growing rare. But no space. What to drop? A ring of digging? A ring of escaping? I take a bit of a gamble, and drop the ROP +11, wear the Ring of FrAct, dump the ring of digging, and keep the ring of escaping. Run into Gorbag, who creates problems – after his demise. He drops a flail that has frAct and see Invis, and does reasonable damage. I hate carrying weapons as swaps, esp heavy things. I gamble, leave it behind. I will rely on potions for see invis until spells make the potions redundant.
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