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Ask enough questions, Angband will give you the answer, a casket, or both.

41 5-8: This level begins with what at first seemed like a reasonably swift mugging of Castomir, made a bit ugly by the appearance of a Maia. Chew through a Healing and CCW to make it work. Drop a dozen Mumak, bump to CL33. I never did figure out what the “8” feeling was: best I could guess was an artifact scale mail that has a decent con boost and +1 speed, pBlind and sustain. Thing is, I figured it was not worth dropping dragon armour (and losing 21AC and 230hp output in sound/shards for the extra 30hp. Was just about to leave when I realized one section of the floor was unexplored. Went over, killed black dragon, found potion of Con.

42: 4-3: Unremarkable, save for landing a ring that detects invisible. It goes on finger pronto. Save scroll of banishment for future use.

43: 5-3: Kind of boring. A Night Mare, bunch of dreads. I foolishly landed in a mess with an Emperor wight, lost XP, and then landed in trouble with a pack of dreads before bailing.
44: 7-2: I spent way too much time playing hide-go-seek with a beholder and black dragon, never quite able to make a clear dash for stairs down. Result? Bad draining, not from the beholder but a black wraith that I landed next to.

45: 6-5: It’s about time to find a few key mid-game necessities, like ESP. DE pulls up a death drake, and, thus forewarned, can skulk about a bit before pulling the portal-out routine. Keenly conscious of the fact that I can’t keep hitting the stairs every time the going gets tough, I work through a routine of chiselling away at the nasties, portalling out, resting as needed, and going back in. This nets a few good kills, and an artifact cloak with a few buffs, two dex potions, and a lot of tense moments- like being taken to 6hp by a nether-casting vampire left over from a dead necromancer’s summoning. Starting to think rNether might be a need in the next while.

46: 6-5. Remove Bjorn, and a bunch of bears, mumak and fire giants to go to CL 34. At this point, the acute lack of CON (zero magic buffs at all) is becoming acutely obvious. 14 isn’t cutting it. Much of the reason I’m bouncing around like a rubber ball is that 300hp vanishes quickly at this level. On a whim, enlighten – find a potion of con in a corner…. Fight there, run into Lorgan, bail. Teleport … right next to the room with con potion. Decide the dozen Hellhounds guarding it are too many and too tough, so use a scroll of banishment picked up ages ago to dispense of them. Quaff CON potion. Then rest, go back, dust off Lorgan in a nasty battle. He drops Dwarven bar chain mail, bail. Instant step forward. Don bar mail, buff con. Mail has frAct, so I can dump amulet that gives same, and wear other amulet saved … two dozen levels? Up goes DEX by a bucketload, and with it, damage output. Later – after teleporting away from a vampire lord left over from Lorgan, land into room with various critters in it. Clear that, find potion of toughness. CON natural is 15 – yeah, worth it. Drains dex, but not too worried. That will even out in time, and buffs really give solid dex (18/107) so worth bringing CON to natural 16 or buffed 18/20. HP now at 362 – 60 or so more than when I landed here.
Now, about that big special room with a buncha stuff in it… I take a bit of a gamble that a bow outside the open special room (should have taken screenshot) is something funky. It is. I bash through a dark elf and young white dragon to find a solid longbow: x5, (+7,+22) with +3 con and +1 light. I have kept arrows, and now use them to push out way more damage than shots gave. Only baddie in the room of note is Eol, who is TO’d. Heavy melee, including one dicey situation where HP falls low, invoking Portal. Chew through the mess, though. Nothing amazing shows up, other than a Toughness, which I drink. Poking about the remains, I find a set of gloves that boost dex, apparently dropped by Smeagol. Huh, I was pushing arrows out one after the other, and never noticed I’d killed the critter. But then, open two chests. One spits out a a cap that gives see +4 int, +6 Wis, frAct, see invis and iAcid, and the other a leather shield [8,+39] that gives iFire along with +1 Wis and +1 Infra. Also shoots 64-point lightning ball. End result? Immunities across all the four major elements. I make a calculated decision, now, and reclaim the Law Dragon scale mail. I lose a bit of AC and a few hit points, but get 220 hp ranged attack that isn’t often resisted, and rSound. I’m at that point where I feel a lot of heavy hitters require ranged attacks, and that stack of lightning bolt rods… their time is limited.

47: 7-6: The gains made from the level before make this an easy level. Knock off a master vampire with ease, and even an ancient multi-hued dragon seems …. less challenging. (pick up a pretty decent crossbow, drop old sling). Something keeps ‘porting me, presumably a quilythhwhatiz. Crack open a vault, defeat a storm wrym with little more than a CCW to end blindness. TO Quaker and a lesser balrog. Gain mithril arrows and a ring of +2 con. Don the con ring. HP go to 400. Just as I ponder the merits of taking on Quaker, it/he/she comes after me, so I figure what the heck. I know it drops nothing, but it’s one less unique and a bit of a test of the new toe-to-toe setup. Quaker drops after only one cautionary CCW. I decide to go balrog hunting, but find instead a death drake. It wasn’t there before? A bit more of a challenge, this, requiring a portal and heal before a re—engage, but at least it drops some magical crossbow bolts. Then I stumble on a gold dragon DE hadn’t picked up before. Only then to I have the Ahah moment …. A draconic quiltythingie. I’m a bit slow today. Back to balrog hunting, I find it … and it breathes when I come into sight, killing the draconic qulithgiveitaspellablename in the process. Sweet! Dumb that I am this morning, I forget the balrog can level drain. He sucks all but one charge out of my wand of TO before dying.

48: 5-3: What a difference the stuff from 46 makes. Now ancient red dragons are mere inconveniences, even if tag-teaming with a pair of gold dragons. Yaaaawn. From hunted to hunter – actively seeking out ancient reds and other nasties is a joyous relief from the skulk-and-run routines of just a few levels ago. Shadow drake falls in a heartbeat, drops potion of STR. Onward ho!

49: 7-4: Poking about, I soon gain the impression the place is … quiet. Too quiet. No critters to speak of, other than a cytoplasm and an orc captain with a few wargs for much of the first few hundred turns. Pair of blue dragons die, Int potion from one, dex from the other. What’s the seven? Where’s the nasties? I think it might be Waldern (not picked up by DE), who loses a lot of HP before a better answer emerges over his shoulder: a bronze golem, also not picked up by DE. Portal away before it gets ugly… well, no. I portal away after it got ugly, because it got ugly in a far-too-rapid hurry. Those things are nasty. I re-asses. Seven is not from the master vampire, who dies in several arrow blows and drops a potion of INT; Nor could seven be due to the two demons who guard the CON potion and the +4 con ring. I poke about, liberal use of DE. Something makes me blind, then bites me after three failed uses of the rod of curing. Fourth try is the charm and ooooooh. Ask enough questions, Angband will give you the answer, a casket, or both. Pardon me, my good drolem, but I have an urgent appointment somewhere – anywhere – else, ideally a place next to a set of down stairs.

50: 5-3: Potion of Aug in room with mages makes my day. Medusa proves a relatively easy challenge, although I played a bit riskily and let hit points drop a wee bit too low. Thank giggidy for the CON ring. Ancient Red Dragons are meh, now. Have to be cautious about being over-confident.
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