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Originally Posted by Quirk View Post
If you have at least minimal investment in Perception you should be relatively rarely caught by traps.

At some point traps may overgo some sort of overhaul; as it stands they're not good game design and I've found making them more or less harmless to have few downsides. Making them viable would I think require either allowing enemies to be affected by them (Brogue does this very well) or giving thematic clues that let the player know they're in an area where traps could occur.
Hi Quirk, thanks for your answer. And many thanks for Sil-Q!
I'm just playing a Noldor with +3 Grace at start and no perception investment. I really dont think I have ever stepped on a trap. Very much unlike it used be.
I read the manual and noticed changes to how trap detection is calculated, so I guess it's that.
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