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Originally Posted by Quirk View Post
At some point traps may undergo some sort of overhaul; as it stands they're not good game design and I've found making them more or less harmless to have few downsides. Making them viable would I think require either allowing enemies to be affected by them (Brogue does this very well) or giving thematic clues that let the player know they're in an area where traps could occur.
Please do! Role playing traps to me seems like a vestigal D&D feature to give rogue characters something to do more than anything.

As for thematic replacements, nests and spiderwebs are spot on (especially if the latter can be coded to spawn in close proximity to spiders). Having uneven/slippery terrain which can trip up the player unless spotted could also serve as a functional replacement to the minor nuisance traps. Maybe the thornbush enemies could be remade as a dungeon feature as well, blocking line of sight and causing minor damage as the player pushes through them.
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