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Unhappy I am too stupid to use gdb with Angband.

In Netbeans I have the Run executable pointing to the place angband.exe gets copied at project root level. But when I try to Debug, all I get is assembly code I can't step through (it decompiles angband.exe which is dumb). Basically I can pause execution and peek at the decompiled code, and that's all I can do. I know that gdb is running through either Cygwin or DOS just fine because the decompiled code has a stack trace etc.

Trying to attach angband.exe to the debugger directly ends up failing, though if I really muck it up I can get it to do the same not-useful thing by attaching it directly.

Is there something I must do to configure gdb (and/or the project) so that I can see debugging data at C-file level? I haven't used a C-only debugger ever, and it's been many years since I did it with C++ so things have changed.

I may need to post on gdb forums and NetBeans forums as well but I figured I'd give this one a shot first. Thanks.
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