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I don't understand any of the technical discussion here, but I would just like to mention that my rods of TO have been succeeding what feels like about 95% of the time over the last two games, even though their fail rate has been around 15%.

I am always surprised at how uneven RNG is. Last game I kept getting !STR, !INT, !DEX, !CON more or less evenly, but I wasn't finding any !WIS. It was odd. Then all of a sudden after all my other stats were maxed I found 5 !WIS on two levels. Still behind the other stats, but it caught up a good deal. My conclusion is that RNG is just really weird in the short term, but does eventually even out to where it's "supposed" to be in the long term.

In Hearthstone people are always complaining the game is rigged. It's funny, because who is the game rigged for? I guess the idea is that people who pay money on cards get better luck drafting an Arena deck or topdecking what they need. As someone who has paid for decks in the game, my luck doesn't seem to be any different than when I was free to play. I tend to have a string of stupidly good luck and a string of stupidly bad luck in Hearthstone as much as I do in Angband. Of course I don't notice or mention the string of normal luck inbetween. :P
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