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Xygos 0.0.3 "Hunt the Wumpus" released

This is the 0.0.3 pre-release of Xygos, a variant of Angband aiming towards conversion from V's fantasy milieu to an eclectic sci-fi / futuristic / post-apocalyptic theme.

It's still a long way away yet - a pre-alpha release with a weird mix of dragons and androids...

Playtesters are very welcome, especially if you report bugs, suggest ideas or send patches (on Github, or here on this thread)!

Source and builds (Windows and MacOS) is available here:

New (from Vanilla) top level files include:
BUGS (what it says - though most of them are marked as fixed)
BRANCHES (list of branches, with brief descriptions)
CHANGES (summary of changes made - the equivalent of changes.txt)

Changes from the last release include:

Multiclassing: You can select with G which class to gain at the next level up. Your abilities
will be a mix of the classes - averaging stats and skills (etc.), and with class specific
abilities (techniques, etc) using the number of levels you have in that class rather than the
overall level.

Wrestler, Pilot, Clown, Spelunker. The Wrestler is a melee class that fights best unarmed and
lightly armored (and gains resists, sustains and critical hits to make this more reasonable).
The Pilot gets a speed bonus when moving in a straight line (and some evolutions at later
levels). The Clown gets an exp bonus when it uses exploding fruit or makes an opponent fall
into the water. The Spelunker gets a Climb ability (go up a level, if you are adjacent to a

And a quest to kill the Wumpus!
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