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Originally Posted by TubbyNinja View Post
So I just started a character today and found Dethanc as a level 4 on DL 2 with only 1800 moves under my belt. I've just found the Phial of Galadriel as a level 16 on DL 13. I know an insta death is right around the corner..
Yeah...I just got that insta-death feeling, too.

dLvl 2, 1491 standard turns used. I haven't even been on the level long enough to get a feeling as to whether there's anything worthwhile on it.

From my messages window:
You see an Azurite Ring {??}.
You have an Azurite Ring {??} (h)
...and then I put the ring on:
You feel strangely quick.
You have learned the rune of speed.
You are wearing a Ring of Speed <+12>
My doom is foretold.

Morgoth, here I come!
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