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Complete N00b's Journey Character #5: Duntir, the Dunadan Ranger

Introduction: This is the fifth character in progress in the series called the "Complete N00b's Journey", where I attempt to see how far I get each time despite my n00bish mistakes. This character, whose name is Duntir and is a Dunadan Ranger, has made it back to the town after his first dive after running out of Iron Shots, Flasks of Oil, and curing potions, due to shenanigans involving both of Farmer Maggot’s dogs and a scroll of Deep Descent. Duntir did make it to D:8, though, unlike the previous character that was facing a very similar scenario for the first run. I am now starting a thread for this character to track his further progress. As a reminder for this series, the number before the hyphen signifies the attempt that I am playing, and the number after the hyphen signifies the goal that I have finished. With that, I bring you:

Complete N00b's Journey: Part 5-1

So I descend to D:1, where I find a Dagger (1d4) to slightly improve my melee damage output, which allows me to drop my whip. I then kill 4 giant white mice, 5 jackals, and a giant yellow with my iron shots and get a Robe [2, +0] and a scroll that was Detect Invisible upon read-id. I then find the downstairs and descend to D:2, where I find a spare Wooden Torch and kill a giant green frog to get to level 2. I then kill a cutpurse, a soldier, and a metallic green centipede with iron shots, but receive nothing for my troubles. I also kill a shrieker mushroom patch, a blue yeek, a large white snake, and a giant green frog to get to level 3, and find 8 more Scrolls of Phase Door along the way. I accidentally run into a white jelly and get poisoned, but manage to escape, wait out my poison, and recover my HP. I then find a Cloak [1, +6] in a hallway to improve my AC and kill a fruit bat. A wild cat forces me to use a Scroll of Phase door to evade it and my potion of Cure Light Wounds to heal from the graze. I kill a white harpy and run into Fang, Farmer Maggot's Dog, where I toss a Flask of Oil and use a scroll of Phase door to evade from it, which puts me in a room with an acolyte, a cutpurse, and a soldier. I kill the acolyte with Iron shots before Fang comes back in, where I use some more scrolls of Phase door and flasks of oil to take off almost all of Fang’s health, before finishing it with iron shots. During the process, the cutpurse wakes up and steals 34 of my gold coins, and the soldier also wakes up to give me a hard time. After killing Fang, I dispatch the soldier, who drops 5 Rations of food, and get two types of unknown scrolls in the room, which turn out to be Light and Deep Descent upon read-id on the downstairs. With a "Not again" sigh in my head, I descend to D:3, and immediately drop to D:8, fulfilling my goal, but leaving me with only 151 gold pieces on hand.

In an attempt to find more gold and valuables to gear up for the next part, I decide to cautiously explore the level. I kill a metallic blue centipede to get to level 4, and instantly run into a rattlesnake, who poisons me and forces me to read a scroll of Phase Door and quaff my potion of Cure Serious Wounds. Fortunately, I had found the upstairs, so I could use it to reload the level, where I found a stack of 5 Potions of Cure Light Wounds on a nearby lit room. I then kill a brown yeek in a hallway and find 110 gold pieces from its death drop. After that, I proceed to find 385 gold pieces lying around in another hallway and enter a room containing Wormtongue, Agent of Saruman, and a Metallic Purple Potion. Not willing to risk fighting Wormtongue with my substandard gear, I get the potion and make a mad dash to the lit room, but unfortunately, I must have woken up the entire room, as I get hit by poison and am forced to quaff 2 Potions of Cure Light Wounds to recover. Wormtongue and a cutpurse also manages to reach me and steal 182 coins before I reach the stairs to again reload the level. In this new incarnation of D:8, I kill a group of 12 jackals and get 6 scrolls of Phase Door in a nearby lit room, and quaff-id the Metallic Purple Potion as a Potion of Boldness. A surprise night lizard attack forces me to use a Scroll of Phase Door, which puts me in the middle of an apprentice’s line of sight, giving me a unknown scroll for me to pick up. I then go back and kill the night lizard to get me to level 5 at the expense of an additional Potion of Cure Light Wounds. I then read-id the scroll as a scroll of Blessing and run into Grip, Farmer Maggot's Dog, where I Phase Door away to avoid getting killed and kill an invisible creature. After also running into an acolyte, I read my scroll of Recall and am forced to quaff my last potion of Cure Light wounds to stay afloat and my Scrolls of Phase Door to try to evade Grip and the acolyte. I also run out of Iron Shots along the way, which really put me in a bind. In my mad dash for Recall to kick in, I get a short sword (1d7) and a Zinc Wand that was a Wand of Confuse Monster when tested on a Jackal. Finally, the recall spell kicked in, and I deposited my dagger at my home, bought 5 Scrolls of Phase Door, a Scroll of Word of Recall, a book of Magic for Beginners, 40 Iron Shots, and 2 potions of Cure Serious Wounds from my meager budget and learn the Magic Missile spell, which I use to help kill Farmer Maggot, who drops a quarterstaff (1d9) (+3,+5) upon his death. I then end the part with the first goal accomplished.

The next goal that I should accomplish is to go to D:18 by manually descending from D:1, as I did not have enough gold for multiple scrolls of Recall.

So for this next dive, I’m going to search for the downstairs, and explore non-dangrous levels until I get the treasure feeling; a 4+ means I fully clear it, while anything lower means I immediately descend. The three things to look for are a rod of treasure location, a source of see invisible, and a source of free action.

Which spell should I learn from the Magic for Beginners spells? I can learn two more and I’m thinking the two additional spells should be Detect Monsters and Cure Light Wounds.

The below link is the current status of Duntir, which will be updated as I post future parts of this character's progress:

Any tips to improve this character's survival is appreciated.

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