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Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
Um, what spell are you talking about? And carrying ammo would presumably take up just as much space as carrying a bow.
N:54:Elemental Brand
D:Brands one stack of ammunition with fire, cold, or poison
D: (selected at random) and at the same time attempts to improve
D: the to-hit bonus and the to-dam bonus of the same ammunition.
D: The spell has no effect if the ammunition is already branded, has a
D: slay, is broken, or is cursed.

That is available for rangers still in 3.5 dev. Makes getting x3 ammo really easy. Almost nothing resists both fire and cold. All you need is brand non-ego ammo to get both stacks. And poison to boost the probability of getting resistance hole.

One extra bow takes one inventory slot. Two stacks takes also one slot, but difference here is that those ammo can be shot from extra might/shots bow. Branded bow would not be as powerful as branded ammo because you would not get benefit of the both egos (naturally you could add slays to Belthronding and Bard to compensate).

Consider non-rangers: Shooter +1 shots doubles your shots making all your ammo doing double-damage. Shooter "fire brand" doubles damage only to monsters not resistant to fire. Less if the comparison is against HXbow.

Cubragol has fire brand. How often do you use that as your main weapon? Without extra might or shots it's mediocre weapon even with that brand.
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