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Round #2: bows

More variety here:
- long bow of extra shots (or Belthronding): x3 might, +1 shot
- long bow of lothlorien (or Bard): x5 might

Using a magic arrow:
- a warrior does 166 vs all (2 shots) with the long bow of extra shots
- an archer (or ranger) does 407.1 vs all (3 shots) with the long bow of lothlorien

With the best artifact, our archer does:
3 shots/round.
Hits targets up to 160 feet away.
Average damage/round: 1212.9 vs. dragons, and 606.3 vs. others.

A bit more than with a sling of buckland. For our warrior, the damage becomes:
- 247.2 vs all with the best artifact
- 356.8 vs all, 594.6 vs evil with heavily enchanted seeker arrows of holy might

This is less than with a sling of buckland, but remains correct.
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