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Time for a new update. Latest things from V (minus the randart changes since that's a server option in PWMAngband), and a few balance issues with archery. List of changes:

- Move Tik'srvzllat to level 124 of Angband
- Move Senyakaze, Sorceress of the Nether Realm to level 125 of The Nether Realm
- Move Xakaze, Father of Abominations to level 126 of The Nether Realm
- Set max depth of The Nether Realm to 126
- Remove Senyakaze/Xakaze from the list of questors, making them optional kills
- Make last four uniques fixed encounters always appearing on their base depth
- Allow force-location monsters to appear in the main Angband dungeon on no-recall/no wilderness servers
- Restrict The Nether Realm and Utumno, Portal to the Void to winners
- Mention dungeon name when looking at a dungeon entrance
- Mention dungeon name instead of "Dungeon" when displaying the wilderness metamap while inside a dungeon
- Merge NO_RECALL and TOWN_WALL server options into DIVING_MODE (0 = normal mode, 1 = no wilderness, 2 = no recall)

- Parse object power calculations from object_power.txt
- Parse object properties from object_property.txt
- Use new object power calculations
- Write less detail to savefiles for dead players
- Move higher level parsing functions to datafile.c
- Stop infinite loops in scatter()
- Move artifact light activations to the object kind
- Allocate ?ID to level 100
- Stop handling special artifacts separately for randarts
- Re-order artifact.txt and ego_item.txt to match the ordering in object.txt
- Make a hard cap of 6 on non-speed randart mods
- Curse a few randarts
- Fix brands on randart ammo also giving the corresponding resist
- Make "returning" an object flag, replacing the corresponding object kind flag
- Remove generation of item/ego by number (Dungeon Master menu)
- Generate true artifacts by kind + name (Dungeon Master menu)
- Give archers extra shots at level 20 and 40 (instead of 15/30/45)
- Remove extra shot from The Heavy Crossbow of the Uruk-Hai
- Limit extra shots to +1 on Slings of Buckland
- Limit damage power on artifact ammo to +10
- Allow only one of KILL_XXX or SLAY_EVIL on artifact ammo

Files updated: binaries and source code.
Files are available for download at the usual location:
PWMAngband variant maintainer - check (or to learn more about this new variant!
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