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Angband simply rocks. What has changed from 1997?

Hello all,

I was a student back in 1997, where I forced myself to quit the game for good, beacuse of the addiction and time it took.

This summer, I downloaded 3.5 just before Xmas, and now the 4.0 version and started playing again. Wow. Why do people really play other games than this?

18 years later, Im hooked.

Some observations:

Game seems much faster. I can get a warrior to level 30 in 2 hours of playing time. As I remember it, I once spent 24 playing hours in 97, my stats werent even maxed, finding Ringil, and then be killed by the Angel of Death (where is he nowadays?)

At about character level 25, I thought the game was getting tedious back in 97. You had a huge jump in XP needed to go the next level, and you had identified most of potions, scrolls, wands and staves, so there was little new to be discovered. I remember back in 97, I attacked a troll pit, and died because I was too bored too see an Eldrak among them, effectively killing me.

My experience now:

Game is superfast. This is of course a bit due to faster computers(?), but also auto-selling turned off, auto-pickup working really nice, and, of course, haggling, charisma, and all that semi-useless stuff gone.

The game is throwing all the interesting stuff at me. If I, say, dive to 1000ft pretty fast, suddenly there is Lagduf, Mughash, Wormy, Grishnak, Golfimbul, Bullroarer, Smeagol, Gorbag, and Shagrat, easily there too see me at one level.

Artifacts and useful items also seem to appear much easier. And a better distribution of items, too. I think the deepest I took a character in 97 was about 2500, and that was then I (at least felt like) I was throwing my study time away. Now I have racked up several beyound 3000, without any sweat. I usually die because Im too impatient, but it takes so short time..

While I remember charlevel 25 to be the death of boredom back in the old days, now the game starts to get interesting. Maybe Ive already found Nimloth, Aglarang, Isildur? A small ring or boots of speed that can make a little difference? My character has by then already made a diversion from the others.

Maybe I just have more patience, now at my relatively old age (for a human). What do you guys think?
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