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A lot of the changes you mentioned were deliberate gameplay changes to try to limit the boring/repetitive stuff. In some ways the drop rates for artifacts and other gear aren't all that much different from what they were in 3.06-3.09 and are far lower than they were in the heady days of 3.1-3.3, which you skipped over. if you want a super fast game, try loading up 3.2 where you'll be essentially drowning in artifacts.

Other recent changes to help keep the player from boring themselves were stuff like reduction in forcing the player to deal with the same challenges over and over again. Pit/net sizes were reduced both in size and frequency and increased in variety. Monster group sizes were dropped significantly and the worst offenders (hounds) were reduced in frequency. It's somewhat surprising how much a small change like this changes the game. It used to be that nearly every level had roughly 3-4 packs with 32 hounds a piece which was admittedly hard, but the boring kind of hard. Now monster packs can be varied with different types of monsters appearing together. It doesn't work perfectly, but it's passable for now.

I think the game plays very well up to level 40 or so. The second half still has some issues, but hopefully we can come up with good ways to solve that too. In roguelikes it's often better to focus on the first 10 levels than the last 10, because players will see those levels more.

Thanks for your post! It's always great to hear from players. It really makes us happy to know there are people out there still willing to pick up a game like Angband.

Also, The Angel of Death is sort of still around, he's been renamed as Osse, Herald of Ulmo and he killed my most recent character...
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