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Once I had some sleep I agreed with you about ESP and swapped that helmet. I cleaned out my home some and swapped a few other things, especially as I started diving via multiple Scrolls of Deep Decent and found a few upgrades. See the updated Ladder entry.

I'm liking the Sustain Everything on my robe for not worrying about weird attacks and since I'm max level i don't worry THAT much about XP drain either.

Now I'm on the hunt for a better bow and consumables like Banishment and Healing potions. Those 2 rods of Healing are new and a great find!

I'm getting a LOT of use out of the Rods of TO to clear out non uniques I don't want to deal with. I am killing off Uniques as I look around to make the boss fights easier. So far most I can kill one at a time with a bunch of arrows (but that Create Arrow spell keeps me stocked) and a few scrolls and TOing any nasty summons.

Lots of tiny vaults with not much in them. Once big vault with an upgrade or two and over a dozen Uniques I just TOed and never fought on that level. To much chance of someone joining a fight in progress.
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