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I've been working on the char for while and here is the new dump. I'm on lv98 and am no match for oberon or most anything that level. now..

so I made it to 98. what do I do now? look for artifacts?
how do I deal with the hordes of both monsters and items. I ran into a nest of ancient green dragons and there has to be a better way than bringing them to a hallway and holding down my down key then psuedo iding 100 items
my damage seems really low. I've tried to kill some of the stronger uniques like tiamat and it would go like I swing, they are at 10 *s. they do a bunch of damage. I swing they are at 10 *s, they breath and I'm at 100 health and teleport away. It took forever to kill sauramon, he kept outhealing my damage
how do I deal with the thief uniques like caine and bleys? I hit them once and they teleport away. I had to chase fiona/brand/corwin all over with dimention door, these guys teleport as soon as I start fighting them.
how is it possible to win without sorcery?
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