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This game continues to go swimmingly. A mage dropped a ring of Free Action, rPois, Telepathy, <+5> STR <+1> CON, rLite, and rDark. A trap-summoned mummified troll dropps the Ranger's second book. And Ulfang the Black drops a journeyman artifact launcher with +2 Speed.

So @ crash dives 15 dungeon levels to go dragon hunting:

Mostly smooth sailing even much deeper down, but an Ethereal Dragon reminded me who is boss around the 27 minute mark.

This dragon hunting business might be a better idea with slightly better hitpoints. Kavlax very nearly offs me near the 15 minute mark:

Overly ambitious little Hobbit Ranger gets more than he bargained for trying to take down Saruman after continuing to dive to DL60. Are our hero's days numbered?:
Detailed account of my Ironman win here.

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