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DL11 - some rather uneventful exploring, i take a long time to kill two old forest trees, using a great deal of my sling ammo, prompting my next trip to carry an even larger stack.

DL12 - i accidentlaly kill Bullroarer while targeting some of his escorts, and he drops a magic crossbow, and a Star, without any stat boosts, but does A: mapping.

I sneak in an extra DL of depth before recalling - it's a LF9 anyway, and i dont feel like clearing insect pits. Stairs down, and then recall.

still no ID of speed potions, but i do upgrade my weapon to a pike of slay animals (+2,+8) and my launcher to a light crossbow (+4,+2). I discover that my star has rDisebchant and sDEX, but nothing else.

DL14, LF3-6

i kill grishnak and golfimbul, using my new crossbow. No drops from the one, and a miserable paid of magic sandals from the other.
I fight a ton of gnome mages, and at one point barely escape with my life when i run out of phase scrolls and a blackguard is tanking me. I burn through a ton of potions, not being able to rely on speed.
The -6 is a miserable chain mail [28,+3]


i get my ass kicked again by a bunch of blindness-casting mobs. Have rogues and illusionists been buffed? Looks like they have more hp now.
I do manage to scrounge a rod of treasure detection, finally.

DL15 - i find a longbow (+6,+6) and i immediately want to switch to it - i have two stacks of magical arrows at home. Arrows are also lighter then bolts, and i'm having weight problems, compounded by a red naga draining my STR.
In town, i buy a potion of Brawn, gain 1 STR, lose i WIS.

Back in the dungeon, i am attacked by a very large group of tigers and panthers - not the first time i see this, must be a special room. I burn a few phase and all my CLW. LF 4-4, CL20, 196hp, 25sp. I discover that the -4 is a scroll of destruction.

DL16 - cave level. I kill Orfax and he doesn't even have the decency to drop me an artifact. I do however reach CL21, 210hp and 26sp.

So, it looks like i only have one book to buy in town. I still have no Portal, no Sense Surroundings (although my light does that), obviously no Orb, no Remove Fear, no Slow Poison ...

DL17 - i recall in a certain-death situation (crabans, shriekers, hydras, ogres, and a breeder) and recall + phase immediately.

DL17 - i find a long corridor and a giant flea. In a matter of 2 to 3 minutes of gameplay i grind 4000xp, enough for two levelups, CL24, 241hp, 29sp.
The stairs are right next to me, and i get the LF3-1, so i go down.

DL18, LF7-?, i descent right next to a slime pit; i leave the pit alone, but not before a magic mushroom has time to phase out and start harassing me. At the same time two blackguards gank me in a corridor, and i have no teleport.
I recall to town.

I cannot imagine anyone playing this without the option of recall, because they would have been dead several times already.

DL19 - naught but cobwebs

DL20 LF5-3

i score immediately a whole bunch of wands and staves, plus other assorted sellable garbage, so i recall. My total haul is 3000gold.

DL20 LF5-2

I kill some trolls, for a decent xp payout, but no drops. Stairs.

DL21 - i get attacked by some clear hounds, and use my last TrueSeeing. Later on, i am again attacked by air hounds, and am forced to recall.

DL21 - LF3-5, i find a rod which i assume is a rod of light, but it turns out it's a rod of recall :/

DL21 - LF6-1

another level at a loss - gnome mages in the corner of a huge room, spam blind spells, summon phase spiders, umber hulks, and something that aggroes the orcs next door. recall, phase, and burn a lot of good potions.

DL21 - LF4-2

again nothing useful and far too dangerous mobs, i find Gorbag which i kill - using one of two precious potions of Spd i bought from BM - and get nothing for my trouble.
CL25 248hp 31sp.
With Portal i could have been 5 dungeon levels lower.
The only good news comes from town, where i find a ring of STR +2 from the BM.

DL21 - yep.
Again a spam of blindness-casting mobs. LF4-2.
I guess ill just rest-spam until the armorer has a helm of seeing. Which i do, and dont find.
Instead i get two full stacks of decent arrows, 7 more potions of Spd, and 20-odd CSW and CCW.
"i can take this dracolich"
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