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i recall several times without much progress; i find a helm of pBlind. After being without teleport, without anything that does damage (currently maxing out at 25 vs all), no speed, no offensive spells, and no way to ding into vaults (forcing me to abandon my first LF5-6, despite 2x Ring of STR and a 18lb weapon) i give in and scum the black market, resulting in a Crossbow Of The Haradrim.
I do find a great ring of the mouse (-0,-13) +4, which, for some strange reason, does not increase my damage, as i was previously explained.

I note that the ring of Open Wounds has gone waaaaaaay up in price, to 540 gold from the previous 40-ish.

My stats, before deciding to turn it off, are CL28, 295hp, 31sp.
"i can take this dracolich"
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