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Talking Success... Sorta.

Ok so i sorta got it to work.

I had to compile it in terminal... but all my xcode changed were applied.

and... it's smaller than the pre-compiled one i downloaded.

2.8 meg's vs. the 3.4 meg's.

i would still like to gather any knowlage other mac users have gained with compiling and editing the code. so i can add it to the help files i'm making for osx users.

and being a apple-phile i still want to get it to work with xcode.

i'm thinking the frameworks may be the problem. and that i did not have the right one-ones added to the project.

i want to also try and make a cocoa version so as to have the tray style to the window to put say my equip list and inventory lists in.

gonna take a brake for a bit. my mouse hand hurts.

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