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Smile Yikes! I only sorta thought about that.

Thanks for the word of warning.

I'm building it really just for myself. and as a learning exp.
at first i didnt think i could do all that much to the game.

but i'm finding i'm smarter than i thought. lol.

i'm calling the project file Myband right now. lol.

for lack of a better name or concept when i started messing with the insides.

maybe 'omegaband' would be better.

i'd *hope* the 'powers that be' would spare little ol me.
with this game being one you can't make for money.
but then it is 'the man' *giggle*

maybe i should write to square and ask about it.
better to ask them first b-4 they come to me.

Thanks for the encouragement.
it's as i said more for the fun of codeing.

god i did say that.

i am a nerd.
as if my unholy love of star trek and AD&D didnt already make me one.

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