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Without looking at your diff (since I'm not familiar with the code base) I'm not sure I understand your table. The first level you encounter = dl2, the second = dl8, etc. Am I understanding this right? I realize the second level is dl3-dl8, I am using the high end as the max risk or max reward. Or am I way off?

Disconnected stairs would be a... challenge :)

Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
my goal was to make taking down staircases be a significant step with a big increase in danger, that you would probably only do after re-playing the current dungeon level a few times.
I'm sorry, but isn't this approximately equal to the status quo? I.e., in a normal game you run dl3-dl8 six times before proceeding, etc.

I assume one could "pancake" a dungeon down to, say, 50 by using your same patch and changing your table? That should help people who are interested in this test. I don't agree with 10 levels being the right amount, but I think if you're going to reduce it to 10 you have the optimal breakpoints here.
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