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Help requested in making choices in gear

In the past I played Moria a lot and lately rediscovered the game in the form of Angband. Love all the extra variations and all the extra artifacts, but also brings a lot of decisions which have to be made. Right now I am getting a bit confused what to choose. I uploaded my character:
And as you can see, I have way too much stuff.

* I like my sword 'Sting', and all the new stuff I find, don't seem to be much better. Except for trident of Wrath (great for Undead - 510 dmg)
* My basic speed right now is 32, but could be 6 higher. Yet I don't see much difference between speed 32/38 (42/48(with Haste Self)).
* My crossbow 'Cubragol' is nice for speed, but my bow 'Belthrondig' does much more damage.
* I would like to use some stuff with better AC, but I think the equipment that I am wearing now is the better combination.

If anyone could give any comments/suggestions on my gear, that would be great.
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