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Vanilla? If you insist on using the 100 forge, 4 smithing and +1 evasion/accuracy rings and a jewel lightsource. Don't put any additional points in smithing until you reach 950'. Try to hoard some Staffs of Revelations/Recharging in order to find forges, and whatever gear you find whilst descending. Save any mithril you find, and feel free to make 2 Feanorian Lamps and whatever cursed equipment you can afford for ID purposes, but otherwise don't stress not getting to utilize every forge fully. If you find a bunch of smithing gear and mithril feel free to pay up the 8k xp or so to get a masterpiece artifact to round out your gear once you're prepping for the throne room.

The power curve for smithing is U-shaped, and the difficult part of Sil is the midgame. Pure smith is very much a challenge build.

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