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Those ninjas are wearing lamps with the Darkness ego, which is kinda rare (~10% of artifacts, i'm not sure about ego items). Lamps of darkness actually have negative light radius, so for example you can wield glowing weapons like Sting without ruining your stealth because the lamp's aura of darkness overcomes Sting's aura of light.

Poison needles always struck me as something that was supposed to be useful for non-melee combatants like Mages, by letting you kill high-hp targets like big dragons. A warrior or ninja can likely kill things faster just by using their normally high melee damage instead of rolling for instakills. I've never used one myself though.

The weapon types you can use are defined on an individual basis, bsically. You can look at s_info.txt in the edit files to see which ones work for yourself: any weapon for which Ninjas have a skill cap of 'beginner' or 'unskilled' gives them penalties.
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