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Originally Posted by bio_hazard View Post
The bummer is that I think the old bestiary had info for some of the variants too, didn't it?
Yeah, I believe it had info on mobs from many of the variants. Invaluable for a player who hasn't played Angband much (and has yet to win). I know there's a cheat to give full monster memory, but honestly I like collecting the information via encounters. The only problem is that I want to make sure the new and threatening mob I'm encountering won't just blow me out of the water in one shot. I don't mind learning through experience most of the time, but that's often not a very viable tactic in roguelikes where one mistake can mean an instant KO, especially ones that take time like Angband.

The monster.txt file has definitely helped for breath attacks, since the HP is provided in the same entry... "Is that Great Wyrm of Thunder gonna mow me down with it's sound breath?" *clicks keys to calculate breath damage* "Er... oh... best avoid that 'till I have some sound resistance."

It's not as helpful, however, for enemy spells. I can look up the spell damage in monster_spell.txt, but I end up using a large chunk of my game time flipping between docs.

I hope Thraalbee has some luck coming up with a solution.
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