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Now I'm curious if anyone has ever gone the purist route and filled their monster lore by experience alone, eschewing the site bestiary and cheat options while suffering through the hundreds, if not thousands of deaths that inevitably came along with it. Possibly people who have been playing since near the beginning, when it was a smaller game, but I bet even they've had to look at change notes at some point when certain monster mechanics were changed to prevent getting broadsided by mobs that were previously an inconsequential speed bump. For a new player, this lack of information would probably make the game cripplingly difficult to pick up without turning to external resources like the forums...

If the logical solution to the problem of a lack of in-game knowledge is to "cheat" the info in, either by overwriting lore.txt, using a cheat option or looking up info on an online bestiary, is it possible that "learning" info on Angband monsters is obsolete? Granted, I find it fun to "learn" this info, but it's not a ton of fun to get a 4+ hour game wrecked by the lack of it. Who wants to avoid everything they see because they don't know if it's a one-shot threat?
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