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The reviews of Tolkien made it seem like it'd be good enough. I'm not surprised the audience score is so much higher than the tomatometer given the nature of the reviews. I'm finally coming 'round to realizing that what critics deem good doesn't always amount to something that is actually good or, more importantly, watchable. Heck, The Cooler got 77%! One of the most unengaging films I've seen in some time. I actually turned off the 55" tv 10 minutes before the movie was over and went to bed (you'd think if I made it that far I'd at least want to wait and finish it, right?). I could have stopped watching that movie at any point, but was bored and didn't have anything better to do at the time. How the film is certified fresh is quite mind-boggling.

I have yet to see Tolkien, but want to sometime this week. (showtimes where I live are few and odd (9am??).
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