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DL gaps/pitfalls/hard to know thresholds?

Hi guys, again, been a long while. Almost forgot my password, but managed to find it on the next set of 5 tries.

Really enjoying the new stuff. Still no unlimited home option... luckily that is just a notepad edit away to change max size. To fix graphics issue, if someone wants to make it an official option, maybe tie it to removing letters in home if using it, so you avoid those weirdo characters.

Just had an oopsie death from dual breaths from chaos/disenchant wyrms on a 4 immune almost all resist 3.6x base speed character with a x5 fire branding crossbow ... sniff. Oh well.

Okay, that long hello done with, here is the actual meat of the question:

I happened to notice a mention about randart lights being 'limited' to dropping in statgain territory DLs. Was that just a mention of other things become common, or are there actual hard gaps in things, especially artefacts/high egos/good potions dropping? As in, are there things that actually have a max DL drops at setting in them?

Especially things that can be good?

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