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Lightbulb Shouldn't "Ironman" be the default (and is it even playable atm) ?

To make my question/suggestion a bit more clear :

By "ironman", I only mean no recall/upstairs
I didn't play any *band for some years, essentially because I realize I'm tired of the scumming mechanic.

In games like FTL, B.o.Isaac, DoomRL, Slay The Spire, Monster Train, Hades... one doesn't have the choice, and MUST play "ironman" every game.
Of course, the difficulty of the game is calibrated on this, and most games can be won if one plays the right way, but good difficulty setting, like StS's ascension, or the excellent pact system of Hades keep things challenging. (I don't like Hades much, but Hell... this pact system is so neat !)

I realize the game feels much more interesting to me with finite resources (and feels dull without it, tbh), so I'd want to play *band the same way, but I'm afraid it's not designed for that at all atm.
I think I'd find too few stuff, no shops at all, and be extremely dependent on the RNG.
As an average player, I'm not sure beating a Vanilla game with no upstairs or recall would be even remotely possible.
Am I wrong ?

If this hasn't already been suggested, I'd love to read some thoughts about it.
A quick search didn't give me much result, except that I should give a glance to "Coffee break".
... but is it the only version focused on that way of playing ? I'd want that spirit in Vanilla !

Thoughts, or links to existing threads debating about this would be welcome.
Maybe I should have made it a poll about scumming's relevancy :) ?

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