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Normally when we talk about game play/play-ability of Angband we are talking about non-ironman play. We don't typically talk about ironman play because it is not the norm and those setting are considered challenge settings. So taking the non-normal settings and making them default does not make sense, regardless of how other roguelike games are structured.

Personally, I think everyone should play ironman once in awhile - it will make you a better player because it forces you to think about all your decisions in ways that will help when you are playing normally.

When I first started playing Angband a few years ago I predictably died, a lot. One day, frustrated yet again, I decided to try something crazy - an ironman game. If Morgoth had not double moved me with two mana storms (I didn't quite have enough speed, obviously ) I think I would have won.

Try it, you might be surprised.

One thing that helps is to have already won the game with a given class, so that you have a pretty good idea what you need at the end, which helps you make all the crucial decisions on the way.

I have won three ironman games - I think the Druid class is especially suited to iron man games - never go hungry, lots of super useful utility spells and the last spell book gives you inexhaustible endgame fighting ability (assuming you fine a bazillion restore mana potions - which you will)

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