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Yeah. It seemed like dlvl 1-20 are less likely to create an artifact.
I thought artifact generation is 'based' on standard artifacts and their depth. So for example the early ones; the Phial, the three thancs, Elvagil and Forasgil would be represented by some crappy, even harmful artifacts. But no. Pre 4.2.1 gave some massively strong artifacts, frequently. It generated harmful ones too. Even one that had no branded intrinsic of any kind
Got my first good one today, with the cost of almost all my cure wounds potions and having deliberately stepped on a skull druj's sight to be able to TO it away. It was 9-8 suicide-or-prize vault.

The game I just saved has had typical 'this-can-only-happen-to-me' whining scenario. Game has produced Light Crossbow of Accuracy but not a single bolt from start to this moment. It also produced 10 pebbles of slay evil early but not a single Sling yet. And finally some unique dropped 37 arrows of wounding +17dam, but the game hasn't generated a single bow after that

Those missing pieces will drop eventually, but as far as launchers go, I've been going smh all the way so far. Character just cannot carry a +0 longbow in ironman game just for the fact that some great arrows MIGHT drop.
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