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observations from a novice

I downloaded the v4 software the other day and have been playing since then. I've taken a warrior character up to level 29 so far with it. I am a relative novice at Angband, having won the game only twice, once with a warrior and once with a priest.

For what its worth, here are my constructive observations re v4 so far:

1. the trap bug, in which a black square reappears after you move away from a disarmed trap, is obviously minor but manages to trigger a huge annoyance factor in me, fwiw.

2. I presume there will be tiles created for baby drakes and rapiers and clubs at some point.

3. the redesigned quiver system sucks. Actually, it is the whole "40 item limit" that sucks, and several things combine to screw the player and make it difficult for them to stay in the dungeon for long, which seems to me a move in the wrong direction. In particular, the quiver limit of 40 seems to combine with the potion limit of 40 to really screw warriors, giving them a limited ability to stay underground. I have been going through cure critical wounds like water and arrows do not seem to do the damage that they used to, which really screws you when something causes fear (I had to use 3 potions of heroism in a single battle today, because I couldn't kill people with arrows in any effective way).

4. Maybe a solution to the above problem is to make some items only .5 of a slot and others 1.0 of a slot (and maybe some things even 1.5 of a quiver slot). That way you could increase the slot limit but still have control of balance.

5. Amulets of resist lightning seem to appear in every other room. They are ubiquitous.

6. Potions of contemplation, toughness, etc., are still problematical. Before, they were useless but at least a steady source of income. Now, they are still useless, or so it seems to me, but aren't worth crap (at least according to their description). Why can't they simply restore a stat? That would actually be useful, and it would be level appropriate, too, as they appear at the time that characters start being faced by stat draining monsters.

7. I am not convinced that the average damage bug is only a display bug. My character has a weapon with slay troll and he doesn't seem one damn bit better against trolls than any other type of creature.

8. Acid seems totally crazy. I have to piss my pants every time I see a water hound now--the first time I battled a pack of them, they pretty much totally destroyed all the armor I had at the time, even though I had resistance to acid. It seems like no item gets any sort of a saving throw at all versus being damaged by acid and instead gets automatically damaged every time it hits.

9. I would have thought that things that are silver, gold, emerald, etc., would be worth more if you sold them, but this does not seem to be the case. Is this entirely cosmetic? If so, I could do without it.

10. I don't see the advantage of replacing to hit and damage with finesse and prowess and frankly don't understand the new system.

11. There is still a shortage of decent rings, at least so far. Rings and amulets seem to be of two varieties in Angband: utter crap and artifacts, with not much of a range in between.

12. I am glad that caestuses are appearing earlier.

13. Potions of healing need to be more numerous, especially with the 40 limit on cure critical wounds.

14. Damage causing items (wands, etc.) still tend to be underpowered.

15. I like a lot of the new room configurations.

16. I don't understand why a new keystroke was added to have to buy anything. This seems rather pointless and a waste of time.

17. Why are rings of escaping so incredibly valuable now? Finding one is like finding a pot of gold. I thought they were reasonably priced in vanilla; now, they are pure treasure.

18. The low hitpoint warning should occur once per round, not once each time you are hit in each round. That just takes up gratuitous keystrokes to page through them.

19. I don't understand why some items can have runes that are seemingly contradictory, such as the rune that protects an item from acid and at the same time the "hates acid" rune.

20. It would be nice if Angband had water obstacles like water filled rooms or tunnels, bridges, underwater creatures, swimming and breathing issues.
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