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Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
Slays are pretty weak now. They give you (slay multiplier) * (base damage dice) extra damage per blow, which is almost always going to be pathetic. I think I convinced Magnate that they should actually just multiply your damage overall by the slay multiplier, which should be more useful -- e.g. if you have a 30% troll slay, then you'd do 1.3x more damage against trolls.
You did, and I made this change. But 30% of 1d8 damage (or whatever) is still going to be only barely noticeable. Slays are basically not going to come into their own until later in the dungeon - a nice smooth progression.

That said, I wouldn't put my life on disagreeing with the OP about damage not being buggy. If you turn on wizard mode, you can see the actual numbers and confirm whether the extra damage is being applied or not. Unless that's broken too ;-)
I guess vanilla and v4 have different shopkeeper valuations on the "terror" attribute that those rings have. Their speed bonus would make them incredibly valuable if it weren't for the terror.
Speed is twice as valuable in v4, which means that rings of escaping are four times the price as they are in V. This change should go into V really; it's made for far fewer complaints about cheap BoS in the BM ... but we do need to add a hefty markdown for the terror flag ...
The system that prunes out redundant runes is still a bit buggy.
Hmmm. This is a regression - I thought I'd fixed this. Thanks for the report.
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