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In current v4, contemplation/toughness, etc. are just temporary boosts to that stat, not lose one gain one as they were when first introduced in V. At least, they were in my last game. Don't think they restore the stat.

These potions are very nearly useless. On specllasting stats, they don't last long enough to use the extra mana you gain, learning new spells obviously results in losing them immediately, and failure rates don't change enough to justify a slot to save for a fight. For the other stats, I tried a few times and saw minimal damage changes to my melee - carrying scrolls of blessing / holy chant or potions of berserk strength / heroism were more useful, and I rarely bother with those. The only real upside is the temporary strength boost if you are slightly overloaded, to lose that -1 or -2 speed.

Changing them to stat recover potions + the temporary boost might help, but stat recovery potions were just eliminated. In V and v4 since that change, I have always found and saved enough mushrooms of vigor in the first few levels to have a few in my home when I get badly drained.
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