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Originally Posted by Pete Mack View Post
Yes, you can probably kill M, but it will be an epic battle at only CL 42.

As for melee, you can only do around 400 dam/turn with the SoS (slay evil). Yes, start off with some melee to break up the territory, but use archery to actually kill him. (4 shots/round with enchanted seeker arrows will do 440 dam/turn.)

So carry lots of phase door, and use plenty of buffing (including ?Chant)
Yeah- I wasn't planning to melee him, actually, unless I ran out of ammo. Just thinking about letting him melee me in order to deny him summoning space but still ensure nothing intervenes. My big worry is that he summons all of the worst uniques with escorts, one after another.

If I recall correctly this version of V makes summon unique have pretty good chances for M to summon low-level uniques, right? I still have a lot of low-level uniques around- probably best case scenario for me is that he summons some escorts durable enough to survive a few rounds of fracas, but not able to do much damage to me. But in that case I definitely want to follow the maxim about keeping your enemies closer- *sigh* this was much easier back when Sea o Runes worked .

EDIT: Yeah, the strength thing is too bad. This is a sort of weird character, as I spent a lot of time dicking around in the 30s and early 40s, but went down fast after that. So the turn count is pretty high, but a lot of it was spent too low to find anything worthwhile. And then the randarts- well, they certainly make speed easy enough to get, in the late game. And yeah- I was _really_ not happy when I id'd Mediator. I think I said "&^#(*&^", and you can quote me on that.

Anyway, I think I should be able to do a lot of damage to M with just those seeker arrows. They would be enough to kill him, fast, if every shot hit and he didn't regenerate, www. If I can manage to shoot the whole stack and then get a lot of them back I should be able to kill him with pure archery- I hope . But I think you're right that I'll wind up smacking him with the Scythe at the end- if I live that long.

Anyway, what would you recommend as my final kit, and what swaps should I carry?

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