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I'm sympathetic with your wanting variations to use different names. I agree they should. But your saying variations should also be required to be vastly different from the thing they fork from and not quality of life "I prefer it this way" tweaks that parallel the base game is simply not legitimate. If as you claim ~50% of dumps from your game are using these tweaks, well, it goes to show they are damn popular tweaks! And yes they should go under a different name, but it's totally insane to demand that a fork be a totally different game instead of quality of life changes.

You have a very particular vision of how your players are supposed to play and what types of fun are allowable. Great, that can guide your own play and development, but there's no reason others should be forced to take what they experience as the bad design choices with the good. One of the goals of open source is that people can tweak things to get the exact experience they prefer and not just use preexisting code for a very different project.

I don't want your feelings to be hurt. People tweak your game because they enjoy it enough to care about making their play experience even better. It's a tribute to you and your work that people care enough to mod it and keep playing at all. A name change for modded versions is a good idea, but demanding more than that is not okay.
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