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The new can't recall from the dungeon if you don't kill the stair guardian is buggy for things like the master lich & shadow lord which blink or teleport. If you kill it too far from the stairs it doesn't work. I've been up & down the stairs from dark caves multiple times trying to kill a guardian that likes to teleport away.

I seriously, seriously question the logic to this decision. A few versions ago I played a shrewd yellow mage sprite (nature/trump). It was a fun & interesting challenge to play a character so scrawny that was always in 1-shot territory or close & had to use it's wits to defeat much bigger enemies. I bypassed most of the dungeon guardians. Took careful attention, maneuvering & clever ideas. Was fun & interesting. A lone big bag of hps breather in an open space is *not* interesting. A guardian like anti-magic cave that sits still while you pelt it with sling shots is also not interesting.

Seriously look at the level where the littlest mages & sorcerers get the hps to take on bigger breathers like a drolem or an AMHD or an Etheral dragon in the open. I don't mind mages being slower to play then big warriors (which quite quickly get the hps to just belt through these guardians). I do mind them having their play killed completely.

Maybe you think it's scummy to bypass the guardians? Personally I think it's scummier to grind till you can just overpower them with raw force.

Edit: The guardian for R'lyeh also teleports away
Edit: mine guardian also blinks

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