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Taking advantage of multiple pvals

It's brainstorming time! Now that multiple pvals are on the cards, how would you recommend changing items in Angband?

Here's my suggestions on artifacts, made without overmuch thought put into them:

* Ringil used to give +1 to all stats and speed, way back in the day. That went away when decimal speed was added. I doubt it'll change its balance too much to bring this back.
* Give Thorin -4 to stealth or -2 INT/WIS.
* Give Beruthiel +6 to INT/WIS to make the -5 STR/DEX/CON more tempting.
* Give Gorlim +4 STR/CON for similar reasons.
* Nerf Dal-I-Thalion's speed bonus to +2 or +3 on the theory that it's a bit too good as stands.
* Give Thror -1 to stealth, likewise.
* Give Wormtongue -2 to STR or CON (probably not both), likewise. All of the boot artifacts are pretty awesome, really, especially compared to the non-BoS egos they compete with.
* Modify the 'thancs:
* Narthanc: -1 STR/INT
* Nimthanc: -1 WIS/DEX
* Dethanc: -1 CON/CHA
* Give Mormegil +4 to STR/DEX/CON
* Nerf Gondricam's DEX bonus to +2
* Nerf Sting's blows bonus to +1, and remove its speed bonus.

And about here I run out of steam, a bit over halfway through the artifacts list...

And a general suggestion: replace AGGRAVATE with huge stealth maluses: good? bad?

Remember you can also make suggestions for egos, both existing and any new ideas you might have.
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